Can 4 Weeks Stop Your Dieting, Cause You To Lose Inches, and Develop a New Lifestyle?

GetAttachmentSo, can 4 weeks stop your yo-yo dieting and teach you a ton about a lifestyle to remain fit and healthy for the rest of your life?  Yes, definitely.  It can also result in several inches and pounds lost and fit into your hectic schedule as a busy mom!  I am referring to my 4 Week Fall Shape Up for Busy Moms.  I want you to meet Krista!  I had the privilege of working with her in the 4 Week Summer Shape Up for Busy Moms.  Here is more about Krista’s background and her past weight loss experience:

I am a 38-year-old mother of 3 kids, aged 12, 9 and 8.  I work two part time jobs – one at our church, the other at my children’s school.  I was never a fan of fitness or diets, although I had been on every fad diet I’d heard of as a young adult.  After kids I was resigned to the fact that I would never look or feel the way I did before and I avoided the scales (and the gym) at all cost.  In the winter of last year, I started really putting on more weight than I ever had and just felt so tired and run down.  3 kids in school and in extra-curricular activities on top of managing a home and working two jobs was taking a toll.  I had no energy and began losing interest in all the things I once enjoyed.  I just wanted to sleep!  In December I tried “slipping” into a party dress for my husbands Christmas party at work and really saw my self for the first time in a long time.  I had gained so much weight and had neglected myself for so long it was really catching up to me.  I stepped on the scale for the first time in a very long time and was shocked.  I made a decision that day that I would get the weight off, get active and feel better asap.  I really went into it knowing that I wasn’t looking for a quick loss diet, and was ready to put in the time and energy to reach a healthy weight in a healthy way, but didn’t really know where or how to start.  I started by finding a calorie counting diet app and drove myself crazy trying to record calories.  Next, I tried the Point counting diet, which was much easier to keep track of especially when I could just grab the pre-packaged, processed, frozen meals.  I lost quite a few pounds on these two approaches, but just knew it wasn’t healthy or sustainable.  Eating whatever I wanted as long as it fell in my point allowance just didn’t make sense.  I was hungry all the time and my cravings were through the roof.  I knew that I needed to make more of a change in order to stay healthy.  Along with this journey to find the right foods to eat, I started running, and actually found that I loved running.  I was lifting weights and running everyday for at least an hour.  I eventually hit that dreaded plateau in my weight loss and knew I wasn’t eating “good”, just less of the bad stuff.  I had heard about eating clean, but it seemed very overwhelming.  That’s when I came across Nurturing Fitness.  My goal was to figure out the RIGHT foods and the RIGHT exercises to get the last few pounds off and really feel and look fit as a lifestyle not a diet.

I also interviewed Krista so you could learn about her experience this spring and here is what she had to say:

1.  What kind of results did you get in the 4 Week Summer Shape Up for Busy Moms?

In the 4-Week Summer Shape Up for Busy Moms, I lost about 6 pounds, which put me within 3 pounds of my goal weight of 118lbs. and I lost about 8″ total. But even more importantly, I gained so much knowledge on nutrition and exercise.

2.  What was one thing you learned nutritionally from the program?

Nutritionally I learned that what we eat regulates or disrupts our hormones, which controls how we feel, and how we gain, lose and carry weight.  The quality of food is so important.  I also learned how important protein is at every meal, and that I can eat that and healthy veggies until I’m full.  There’s so much freedom in putting the food scales and calorie charts away.  Being a detective and really listening to my Hunger, Energy and Cravings is the key to finding what works for me.

3.  What was one thing you learned about exercise?

The BEST thing about exercise that I learned in that more is not always better.  Higher intensity for shorter amounts of time was such an amazing, upside-down concept for this cardio junkie.

4.  What advice would you give to someone considering joining the 4 Week Fall Shape Up for Busy Moms?

My advice would be to stick with it.  Don’t tell yourself you can’t do the workouts, because you can…it’s only 25 minutes after all.  Remember its a lifestyle and it will take a few weeks to get used to the change in food and activity, but eventually you will feel so good that you’ll be able to say, “I’m never going back to that unhealthy lifestyle again.”

5.  What was the biggest surprise you experienced from completing the program? 

The biggest surprise in completing the program was that I have really grown to love this new lifestyle of eating healthy and the whole family is on board. There’s no looking back.  I look and feel great!!

6. Did you find the program overall hard or easy to fit into your schedule?

The program was so easy for me and my family’s busy schedule.  My whole family eats healthy now and we all exercise together.  Not only did it fit into my schedule, we have made a point of making it a part of the whole family’s schedule.

Does Krista’s past experiences sound like yours and does her crazy, busy life sound like yours?  If it does and you are still searching for a way to become healthy and fit long term, sign up for my 4 week shape up here.  But hurry, spots are limited and filling up quickly!  The last day to sign up is Sept 6th!!!


Can your health really change in 4 short weeks?

Jordan family      I thought one of the best ways to let prospective clients of my 4 Week Fall Shape Up for Busy Moms  know what to expect from the program was to interview a few of the women who participated in the program this past May.  There are several things this program is NOT.  It is NOT a calorie counting program, starvation program, fad diet, or time-consuming.  It IS a program designed specifically for busy moms, based on the metabolic effect of exercise and nutrition, designed to complete at home in 30 minutes a day, and will teach you the basics of a fat loss lifestyle.  Another really cool thing is that many participants achieve results (in addition to weight loss and inches loss) of improved sleep, improved mood, and resolution of digestive issues.  This week’s interview is with one of the clients from the program this past May who has continued on in my Nurturing Fitness Life Membership.  Although weight was not an issue for her before starting the program, quality of life was and you will see below how the program helped her with this.

Here is a little about Jennifer: I’m a 47-yr old mother of 3 kids, ages 20, 17, and 14.  I’m a full-time mom and home educator for my kids, although I’m  busy with musical groups, church activities, and other commitments outside the home.  Before kids, I was a step-aerobics instructor at the YMCA, but then I basically didn’t work-out for 10 years (just kept-up with the kids).  Then I was a member of Curves for almost 11 years.  Weight     has never been an issue for me.  Over time, I found my motivation to get in the car to go to the gym really waned, and I was frustrated by my lack of energy and muscle tone.  I was pretty good at eating the right foods and in small amounts, but I have a major sweet tooth and often reached for goodies during the day and into the evening to satisfy my hunger.  I decided to try Natalie’s 4-week Summer Shape Up to get myself back on track with regular exercise and good food choices.

Here are the questions I asked her and her answers:
1.  What kind of results did you get in the 4 Week Summer Shape Up for Busy  Moms?

My energy level jumped, I toned-up very quickly, and I lost that bump on my belly that was really starting to irk me.  I began sleeping better too.  A good friend from home commented to my husband this summer about how good I looked and asked what I was doing.  That made me feel very good!

2.  What  was one thing you learned nutritionally from the program?

The importance of having protein throughout the day.  This has altered my craving for sweets.

3.  What was one thing you learned about exercise?

I don’t need to get in the car and drive to a gym to do it, and I really can get up at 6:30am and work-out 6 times a week and like it!

4.  What advice would you give to someone considering joining the 4 Week Fall Shape Up for Busy Moms?

Make the commitment and just do it.  You won’t be sorry!

5.  What was the biggest surprise you experienced from completing the program?

I was stunned at the increase in my energy level and how  good I felt overall after just 4 weeks.

6.  Did you deal with  any digestive or health issue prior to the program?

Yes, I had problems with gas, bloating, heartburn, and constipation.

If so, did the program help improve these issues.

I’m off my probiotics and have had virtually no digestive issues since a couple of weeks into the program.

7.  Did you find the program overall hard or easy to fit into your schedule?

I was already in  “summer mode” when I began, so it was a little easier to begin the regular workouts.  I could have done them later in the day, but with the sun coming up early, I chose to rise at 6:30 am.  Within a  week I was popping awake at 6:30 and ready to go.  Now that school has begun, it’s simply part of my schedule and it’s working well for me.  I rarely miss a workout.


Here are a few of the important details: sign ups have started, spots are limited, the last day to sign up is Sept 6th, and the program starts Sept 9th.

Interested?  Go HERE.  You can find out more info and sign up.  I look forward to working with you!



     gi1When I became a ME certified fat-loss coach and started my exercise and nutrition consulting/coaching business, I knew that stress and stress management had an effect on a person’s hormonal balance and ability to lose fat.  What I did not realize is just how great of an issue this would be for my clients, who are mostly busy moms with multiple children.  As I deal more and more with the issue of stress with my clients, I am also finding that I am repeatedly dealing with issues of food sensitivities and gastrointestinal discomfort.  All of these issues are inter-related and optimal health cannot be achieved until stress is dealt with and the gastrointestinal system is functioning appropriately.  I have quite a bit of knowledge in this area but am not an expert.  But I am privileged to know an expert in this area personally and professionally and had the honor of interviewing her for this post!

     54066_295744960527199_1938121954_o[1]This expert is Dr. Jillian Teta.  She is a medically trained naturopathic doctor and the author of “Natural Solutions for Digestive Health”, which is being released January 2014 by Sterling Publishing. She practices at the Naturopathic Health Clinic of North Carolina where she focuses on digestive health. Through working with thousands of clients, she has created the Fix Your Digestion Gut Restoration Program, an online educational and practical program that guides you step-by-step on how to heal your digestive tract.

     So, I ask Dr. Teta a number of question about how stress, the gut, and fat-loss are related!  This week’s post will concentrate on the importance of gastrointestinal health and the effects of stress and next week, I will continue the interview with the topics of food sensitivities, fat-loss, and solutions. Here are this weeks questions and responses:

Why is gastrointestinal health so important?

Simply because your gastrointestinal system is the Central Station of the body. It communicates with every other cell and system of the body every single day. It is where your nutrition and the fuel that runs your body is broken down, absorbed and assimilated and where waste and toxins are eliminated.

When gastrointestinal health is compromised, you can see changes in the quality of your skin, your thinking, clarity and focus. You could get heart palpitations or shortness of breath, and not realize that it is coming from your gut. Headaches, menstrual irregularities and even autoimmune disease are all tied to compromised GI function.

What is the relationship between gastrointestinal health and stress?

Maybe you’ve been told before that you have a “nervous stomach”. We seem to intuitively know that there is a connection between where our mental/emotional/physical stress level is at and the impact that can have on our digestion – but WHY? There are several relationships between GI (gastrointestinal) health and stress. The nervous system has 2 branches: the sympathetic nervous system – also called the “fight or flight” branch – that activates when you are under chronic stress, and then there is the parasympathetic – also called “rest and digest” – that is important for relaxation, repair, and digestion. These two sides go back and forth like a see-saw. When you are under chronic stress, the sympathetic branch becomes dominant, as if you have an elephant sitting on one side of the see-saw and a chihuahua on the other! When this happens, the action of that branch overpowers the other. Digestive symptoms can crop up like indigestion, heartburn, reflux, gas and bloating – even if those symptoms weren’t there before. You may notice more urgency, looser stool, or that you simply can’t use the bathroom at all. Ugh! Stress can definitely be the culprit.

Next, your gut actually has a brain all of its own! Called the “enteric nervous system” or ENS, this second brain can operate independently of your brain, a unique feature of our amazing bodies. The ENS is exquisitely sensitive to stress. One of its major jobs is to regulate the rhythm of the bowel, so constipation or more frequent stools can be the result when you feel like you are “up to here” with all of the obligations, deadlines and other stress inducers in your life.

Lastly, the gut makes the vast majority of serotonin, an important feel-good hormone, and happens to have the greatest receptor density for serotonin as well. So, when you are stressed and feeling out of whack, neurotransmitter signaling can change. This can impact your GI function as well. Serotonin also helps regulate bowel regularity and a host of other functions. The relationship to serotonin, stress and digestive function has been particularly well-studied in IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Higher levels of serotonin can lead to more frequent and looser stools, while low levels of serotonin constipate. Fluctuations of serotonin can lead to alternation between these two.

What are the best ways to reduce the effect of stress on gastrointestinal system?

My top recommendation here is to get enough sleep. Sleep activates the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system – the rest and digest branch. This helps reduce the effect of stress on the body and brain. Get a bedtime routine, unplug from electronics 30 minutes before bed and make sure that your room is dark and quiet and cool.

Taking a 30 to 60 minute leisure walk in the morning also helps balance the nervous system, reduce stress hormones and sets the pace for the day. Walk outdoors and notice the sky, the trees, the sights and smells.

It is also critically important to prioritize your time. What can you get done today? What can wait or is not important? So often we get bogged down in tiny details and our attention is split multiple ways and so nothing gets done and we feel overwhelmed and like a failure. Cut out what is not essential.

 What would you recommend for busy moms to do if they feel they are having digestive issues that are stress related?  

In addition to the above recommendations, busy moms may want to consider a gut restoration program. Gut restoration is a multi-faceted approach to eliminating digestive symptoms. Through eliminating food sensitivities, taking a probiotic, boosting up digestive ability and healing the lining of the digestive tract you can kick symptoms to the curb – for good. I have created a gut restoration program that is easy to adopt and that can be completed at your own pace.

  Thank you so much to Dr. Jillian Teta for sharing her expertise this week.  DON’T MISS NEXT WEEK’S POST DISCUSSING FOOD SENSITIVITIES VERSES FOOD ALLERGIES AND FAT-LOSS. 

  Through my personal fat-loss coaching, I assist my clients in identifying when they may have gastrointestinal issues and with dealing with stress.  To find out more about my programs, go HERE or email me at

   Here are the links to find out more about Dr. Teta’s Gut Restoration Program or to connect with her:

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